Greetings sir, thank you so much you could possibly spent your time concern this songs weblog and watch a video clip concerning THEY BAITED ME !! SOLO VS TEAM AGARIO GAMEPLAY (, simply simply look at the mp4 music on THEY BAITED ME !! SOLO VS TEAM AGARIO GAMEPLAY ( below

Thank you very much for all the Love and Support 🙂

If you didnt read it on the last video , here is a short message from me :

Hey guys I’ve been really busy with school and some other things the past few days ,
I know that I wont have much free time on June too ,
I will be graduated from high school soon , so I have a lot of exams now and then I will have to register on a university .
My main goal for now is to graduate from high school and then I will have more time to make videos for you guys .
So please understand me … I will still upload videos but with less editing , and also don’t expect ”Spectacular” gameplays because I’m going to be very busy .
I thought I’d rather upload videos like this than quiting youtube for 1-2 months . So you guys will still have something to watch and won’t forget me .
After I finish all this , I will focus all my time on making videos for you guys , I will also start livestreaming , se we can play and make more videos together 🙂
Thank you very much for understanding me ,
Love you all, -Jumbo

(I will put this text on all my future videos so everyone knows about this)




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You may watch this THEY BAITED ME !! SOLO VS TEAM AGARIO GAMEPLAY ( music in Youtube Here


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