Best Android Apps – February 2016!

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All Apps listed below! Enjoy!

The Cleaner App Review –
Battery Time App Review –

The Cleaner –
Battery Time –
Rocket VPN –

Auto Date Time Stamp –
Chrooma Keyboard –
Mr. Phone –
Tint –
Wallgram –
KickStarter –
kboard –
Puxers –

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Intro/Outro Track – “37 Paint” by KingAtlas89
Background Track 1 – “Ocean” by DeeTunez
Background Track 2 – “Old School Beat” by DeeTunez

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You may watch this Best Android Apps – February 2016! music in Youtube Here


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How to Root / Unroot Letv Le 1s Without Computer
How to Root / Unroot Letv Le 1s Without Computer
Hello there mister, thanks a lot you
Hey buddies, thanks a lot you could
  1. Nika Bitiashvili1 year ago

    all app are very good and nice thx bro :)

  2. Dr BierNot & the Pineapple1 year ago

    which of those apps is a must have?

  3. Kenpo Star1 year ago

    I want someone to make video for this app. Please help how to proceed.

  4. Monish Karamchandani1 year ago

    chroma is free now … yippe :)

  5. saumin pratap saikia1 year ago

    Please review my app
    This app has a clean and sturdy interface featuring a blurry theme and minimalist design.

  6. Jaeden Rasheed1 year ago

    what kind of phone is that

  7. Anand Singh1 year ago

    Sick intro soundtrack!
    Can anyone name it, please?

    Oh, the end one too!

  8. Kory Lickel1 year ago

    what keyboard are you using

  9. Jop Bautista1 year ago

    Which do you think is better? 'The Cleaner' or 'Clean Master'? Thanks for the review :)

  10. Cole Ramos1 year ago

    Great video! Very professional, I will be subscribing!

  11. rabe3 alsett1 year ago

    i use the the vbn only to open the play store cuz its banned here

  12. Crazy misticalbeast1 year ago

    love 2048 got to download puxers

  13. salam141111 year ago

    srsly . bunch of no need aps .

  14. Draou Ismail1 year ago

    unuseful apps

  15. Anchit Malhotra1 year ago

    what's that coloured hamburger thing below some of the app icons?

  16. pakcik zek1 year ago

    hi, can i know what apps you use, that appear when you introduce any apps. its look cool with big picture of it…

  17. zamfir octav1 year ago

    also you can know the date of a photo just by go in details… don't need an app for that

  18. zamfir octav1 year ago

    cleaning apps are so not necessary , especially when you have a nexus 6p

  19. Amar Trbonja1 year ago

    kick starter is crap.There is a lot of cheaters.Ask about aMag cable project

  20. serigne Bamba Lo1 year ago

    I downloaded yesterday a new and useful app called Smartcord , basically it allows you to start recording just by pressing both volume buttons , without unlocking your phone !

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